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About Me

A Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a passion for helping children live their lives to the fullest.

My name is Carolann Prescott, MSTOR/L and I am the founder of Sensational OT. I am a wife, a mother of twin girls, a Co-Director of a childcare facility, and an Independent Occupational Therapy Practitioner. I have been working with children in various roles since 2013. I have been a behavioral health professional working with children who have Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, etc. and I have been an Occupational Therapist both on the West Coast in Reno, NV to the east coast right here in Maine in both the academic, outpatient and inpatient settings.

I felt inspired to open my own practice one day when I was feeling frustrated over the current system that children seem to get stuck in once they enter their academic years. I saw many children over the years that should have received services before they entered school but they didn’t because they were: stuck on waitlists, they were told by doctors that they should wait to see if they catch up, or their child was their first and no one brought it to their attention that their child was falling behind. Whatever the reason, the child and parents were left to try to figure it out, and if they had someone there to help them, their lives could have been completely different.

This passion for helping children and their families is what inspired me to open a childcare facility with my mother in law and business partner, Parvanah Withee, and head teacher Billie-Jo Pelkey, that was heavily focused on development. However, I knew it couldn’t just stop there. I wanted to ensure that I could assist the children who may need a little extra help with their development so that they could be as ready for school as possible. 

Currently, I am contracted with Child Development Services and I travel to pre-schools in order to provide Occupational Therapy Services, or provide those services to children at our center at Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy. I also provide medical model services which are only provided at my office at Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy in order to ensure that I am working on all the needs of a child and their family. 

I am able to work with children with many types of skill levels, diagnoses, and goals, and I am currently working toward my autism specialist certification, as well as completing many continuing education courses in feeding and nutrition.

Whatever your child’s having difficulty with, I’m here to help. I want parents/guardians know that if you have a concern with your child’s development you need to listen to your gut. Sometimes all it takes is talking to the right people before someone truly listens to those concerns. Keep fighting, keep advocating, do the best you can, and know that there are a team of people out there waiting to help you.

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